WE'RE CHALLENGING YOU TO help us achieve 300,000 SERVICE hours in the year 2018! 


What is the service challenge?

Throughout 2018, there will be 300 official tricentennial volunteer projects that you can sign up for! 

Who can sign up? 

Members of all ages are invited to join in the challenge, as family-friendly projects will be offered throughout the year. You can sign up here

Why get involved?

Upon the successful completion of the challenge, 300,000 Hours for the Next 300 is estimated to generate more than $7.2 million in community impact over the course of 2018.

Sign me up!

Over 150 people showed up at our Tricentennial Service Challenge Kickoff event, including Mayor Landrieu. Volunteers helped weatherize the outdoor walkway, created outdoor chalkboards for alternative learning, dug a labyrinth for meditation, build flower beds and benches, and began building an outdoor stage for performances at Hoffman Early Learning Center in Central City. We can't wait to continue working on transforming their outdoor space!  

A special thanks to our partners: 

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