Our disaster management team works to prepare new orleanians for disaster and provide aid after disaster hits. See how our team uses the 4 stages of disaster management model to prepare and respond to disaster. 

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In partnership with Evacuteer.org, our staff is trained in emergency evacuation efforts and is certified in training others on city-wide evacuation efforts. If you are interested in becoming certified, we can set up a training seminar at your work, school, etc. Contact Kayla@handsonneworleans.org for more information. 



During the relief stage and within the first hours after disaster hits, first responders are providing rescue efforts and medical treatment. 



After a disaster hits, we assess the damage in an affected community and begin the process of restoration. This includes mucking and gutting homes, clearing debris, mopping out water, etc. We have responded to a number disasters and you can check out our response efforts here

If you want to get involved in disaster management efforts or specifically with disaster response, you can check out our volunteer site.



Our volunteers help disaster survivors rebuild their lives and re-enter their homes by connecting volunteers to projects dedicated to long-term recovery, like reviving community spaces and helping to construct new homes for disaster survivors. Check out our volunteer portal for ways to get involved in long term recovery efforts.