A True Community Champion; Meet Mr. Dennis

This week, we wanted to share with you an influential community member, Mr. Dennis. He lives right across the street from an assisted living facility in Central City. Everyday he witnessed older residents lugging out chairs and milk crates to create a community space on the neutral ground as not to feel “cooped up” in the facility. Mr. Dennis envisioned a permanent recreational space on the neutral ground for the residents and looked to city council for help. Latoya Cantrell eagerly hopped on board and recommended he reach out to HandsOn New Orleans for help.

A few months later, and with the help of many volunteers, HandsOn was able to raise two picnic tables and seven park benches along Simon Bolivar to bring Mr. Dennis’ vision to life! Now the residents in the home can have a picnic, play cards, celebrate birthdays, and enjoy the fresh air without having to haul out their own chairs everyday.