Hands@Work: Customized Service Projects

How It Works...

HandsOn New Orleans will plan a customized fee-based service project based on your group size and volunteering interest. Your organization picks the project focus, time and date—HandsOn takes care of the rest!


With your partnership, HandsOn New Orleans will...



  • Develop a customized team-building service day that creates meaningful community change.
  • Provide much-needed supplies and materials for community improvements at local schools, community centers, public parks, green-spaces and urban gardens, just to name a few.
  • Provide all necessary tools and equipment, as well as water and safety gear for all volunteers.
  • Scout and recommend viable project sites based on your volunteering interest.
  • Provide trained team leaders to work with and coordinate your volunteer group.
  • Secure work site liability insurance for all volunteers at service project.
  • Make recommendations for local transportation and food vendors, as requested.
  • Publicize your project through the HandsOn website, newsletter and social media.

If you would like to discuss ideas for a potential project or have any additional questions, please contact Peyton Juneau at 504-827-6834 or at pjuneau@handsonneworleans.org. Otherwise, please let us know what interests you through our "Sign Up" tab.