What is a Volunteer Leader?

  • HandsOn New Orleans partners with community organizations throughought the region to idenfity their most pressing neds and create ongoing projects to address these needs. 

  • Volunteer Leaders (VLs) make a commitment to a specific project based on their interest and availability then train other local volunteers to give back.

  • VLs help community organizations mobilze thousands of volunteers every year and adress a myraid of issues affecting the community.

  • The time requirement for Volunteers Leaders is very flexible. Individuals can get involved once a week, once a month, or a few times a year.

Program Success!

Since the programs' inception in 2008, HandsOn New Orleans has tained over 200 Volunteer Leaders who have gone on to lead over 3,600 volunteers in service projects throughout the Greater New Orleans Area.

Becoming a VL program enables individuals to give back to their own communities while gaining valuable leadership experience and professional skills specific to their goals and interests. 

Want More Information?

For detailed information about becoming a Volunteer Leader, please review our Volunteer Leader FAQ sheet or email Peyton at pjuneau@handsonneworleans.org